Compensation Fund

Compensation Fund

The Compensation Fund’s broad challenge was a time-based one - applicants could wait up to six months for a Letter of Good Standing. This impacted businesses’ ability to contract and conduct business.

Interfile was briefed to reduce this turn-around time. The company implemented its EBPP platform, which saw the heavily paper-based, manual process falling away.

Further efficiency was achieved with the implementation of an online payment system which managed to put past payment woes to bed - while improving collection and reconciliation.

The end result? A 20-minute turn-around time with immense user satisfaction!

Much of the success of the project lay in Interfile’s deep understanding of what the market needed and wanted - coupled with a dedicated and cohesive project management team.

Interfile worked closely with the Compensation Fund to achieve successful outcomes for all, placing South Africa on par with world standards and helping local businesses to perform more efficiently.